۷Berkeh – Negin Akrami, Hooshang Jamshidi: In the second gathering of cancer patients called “Life in the Color of God”, these patients experienced a hopeful and happy atmosphere and received useful information.

The second gathering of cancer patients was held on February 4, 2017 at 9 AM at Sheikh Ahmad Ansari Conference Hall in Gerash Medical Sciences College. About 150 people had come from far and near, from Jouyom and Bastak to Bandar Abbas and Kerman. Inside the Hall was decorated with ribbons as the signs of fight with cancer. Outside the Hall, hosts of the ceremony welcomed patients and their companions with Nargess flowers.

Dr. Ahmad Abdollahi, the acclaimed specialist in cancer surgery, and the dean of Gerash Medical Science College and also of Cancer Prevention Clinic started the ceremony with a hopeful speech. He expressed his hope that “a path opens in Gerash towards prevention and treatment of cancer without relying on governmental aid.” He also said to the present patients: “I would like the output of this meeting to be that you feel you are one of Allah’s people, because the disease can be an opportunity to approach God; so, it is a blessing from Him.”

The ceremony ended with Dr. Abdollahi’s team’s appreciating remarks towards the guests and presenting honorary gifts to benevolent people supporting the group, including Zeinal Zeinali, Mir Motalleb Vakhshuri, Mohammad Mogholi, Ali Mogholi, Asad Dianat, Reza Fedaei, Samsam Keshtkaran, Fazl-o-llah and Aman-o-llah Vegharfard, Reza Yahyapour, Alii Dibachi, Asghar Daneshvar, Hasan Seraji, Hasan Hosseini, Ahmad Sadeghfard.

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Some words and expressions in this news story:

Cancer: سرطان

Gerash Medical Sciences College: دانشکده علوم پزشکی گراش

the dean: رییس دانشکده

Cancer Prevention Clinic: مرکز پیشگیری از سرطان

Benevolent: نیکوکار، خیر