۷Berkeh – Raheleh Bahador: At the end of the presidential elections in the runoff which was held on July 5th ۲۰۲۴, Masoud Pezeshkian earned 53.7% of votes and was elected as the 9th president in Iran. In Gerash and Lar, however, the other candidate, Saeed Jalili, gained the most votes in this contest.

Like the first round of elections in Gerash, Saeed Jalili, the hardliner candidate, earned three times more votes than his reformist rival Masoud Pezeshkian in the runoff.

In the runoff, the votes of both Jalili and Pezeshkian grew up to 4% as the rate of participation in the election increased by 12% in comparison with the first round in Gerash. Jalili gained 28,873 votes and Pezeshkian 23,773 votes in Lar and Larestan. But in the three other Southern cities of Khonj, Evaz and Juyom, the reformist candidate obtained the most votes.

Election Results in Gerash:

Saeid Jalili: 17,718 votes (76.5%)

Masoud Pezeshkian: 5,041 votes (22.5%)

Invalid votes: 242 votes (1%)

Total votes: 22,461 votes

Rate of participation: 60.3%

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