۷Berkeh: Front-line doctors and nurses in the battle against Covid-19 in Gerash Hospital received the first dose of Corona-virus vaccine this morning, February 13th, ۲۰۲۱.

“After receiving the first batch of Corona-virus vaccines in Gerash, 10 nurses in the Corona ICU at the Emergency Department of Gerash Hospital were vaccinated today,” said Dr. Seyed Javad Mohaqqeq, the deputy of treatment in the Medical Sciences University of Gerash. “The second phase of vaccination for these people will be done 21 days later.”

According to IRNA, the first phase of vaccination against Corona-virus in Iran has started on Tuesday, February 9th with the Russian vaccine, Sputnik. With the gradual increase in the access to approved foreign and domestic vaccines, the Ministry of Health plans to complete public vaccination by the end of the next year.

Dr. Mohaqqeq warned against the possibility of a new surge of Covid-19 cases in Gerash. In the past few weeks, Gerash has experienced a relatively stable situation, but the number of the new cases is increasing slowly in the past few days.

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