Although the elections for the parliament is taking place at least 9 month later, on March 2nd next year, the discussions and election campaigns are heating up between Gerash and Lar. Ali Asghar Hassani, the present Member of Parliament, is preparing himself for another round, as it is obvious from his speeches these days, for instance in the Friday Prayers of this week. But people of Lar, whose long-held monopoly in Parliament elections was broken four years ago with the election of Hassani, do not want to repeat their “tragic mistake”. Lar is weighing its potential candidates, and so far, Dr. Ala’eddin Borujerdi is the most powerful among them. Among the alternatives for Borujerdi are Mansur Mohtaji, former Governor of Lar, and Dr. Kazem Rahiminezhad, social activist and editor-in-chief of Sohbate Now. Rahiminezhad has taken a radically oppositional stance against Mr. Hassani in this newspaper. This is more than obvious in the last issue of Sohbate Now, where he openly rebukes Mr. Hassani for his bitter remarks towards his newspaper, and criticizes all and every step he has taken. Aside from these adversarial debates between Gerash and Lar, one should not ignore the votes of the Sunni minority of the region, among whom Ayatollah Zandavi is a well-known figure.