۷Berkeh: High school students of Gerash, both girls and boys, amused themselves in the creative competition of “In Atom’s Orbit” and evaluated their scientific information as well.

A game that started by some girl students of Imam-Hassan High School five years ago has now turned into the most amusing scientific event in Gerash high schools. To host the third period of this competition on 9th and 10th of February, 2023, the high school classes were turned into an orbital and the students had to look for and gather atoms in eight orbitals.

The competition included eight orbitals or loge, in each of which a game is designed. This year, the eight orbitals were the secret of survival, luck, charades, traveling to space, history of science, questions and answers, scientific equivalents and neuromeric. Each team had three hours to circulate and gain scores in these orbits. The currency of the competition is called Atom and “In Atom’s Orbit” takes its name from here.

Girls more successful than boys

““In Atom’s Orbit” bubbled from the mind of four eighth grade students,” said Maryam Naseri, one of the competition’s organizers, “the idea was supported and turned into practice. Our motto was this: “Just do it!”. Our utmost purpose was to exit the monotonous orbit of being a student.”

But the main part was the announcement of winner teams. After eliminating the two teams that had tried to reach the first rank by cheating, one girls’ team and one boys’ team won the first prize. The 4th group of girls including Hosna Moqtaderi, Melika Sadeghi and Fatemeh Mehrvari and the 28th group of boys including Amir Hossein Khandan, Abolfazl Bivareh and Mehdi Fathi with 935 atoms jointly became the first teams. Zahra Nejati, Fatemeh Abbaspour and Paria Shadmehr stood on the second rank with 875 points, and Hanieh Kargar, Elaheh Saadat and Zeinab Dastar were the third team of the competition with 855 points.

See more photos of the game and the ceremony here.

In Atoms Orbit