۷Berkeh – Negin Akrami, Mostafa Sharifi: Sadegh Rahmani, the well-known Gerashi poet, received the license to publish a bimonthly in the field of literature named Chameh, from Publication Supervisory Board.

The word Chameh means poetry and this journal will be published specially in the field of poetry in Persian and Arabic. “The first issue of this journal will be published in the second week of Ordibehesht 1397 (May 2018),” Rahmani says, who has been active in poetry and literature since about thirty years ago.

Mohammad Sadegh Rahmanian, better known with his literary name Sadegh Rahmani will be the owner and manager of Chameh. Rahmani says about the form of its publication: “In addition to a general editor, it will have a guest editor for each issue.”

Rahmani is at the moment the manager of Farhang Radio Network and also a PhD student of Persian Literature. Louver and Pomegranate (Anar va Badgir), Everything Is Blue (Hame Chizha Abist) Reds and Greens (Sabzha va Ghermezha) are his most famous collections of poems during his literary career. Light Blue, Dark Blue (Abi Roshan, Abi Khamoosh) is Rahmani’s latest collection of short poems that was published in 1396. Mohammad Al Amin Alkarkhi translated his two poetry collections into Arabic.

Sadegh Rahmani is the chairman of Haft Berkeh Art and Culture Institute of Gerash. and also a member of advisory board for Afsaneh Gerash, Gerash and Himeh publications.

Sadegh Rahmani Eng

خبر به زبان فارسی

Some words and phrases in this news story:

Bimonthly: دوماهنامه

Publication Supervisory Board: هیات نظارت بر مطبوعات

general editor: سردبیر ارشد

guest editor: سردبیر مهمان

PhD student of Persian Literature: دانشجوی دکتری ادبیات فارسی

Haft Berkeh Art and Culture Institute: موسسه فرهنگی هنری هفت‌برکه