۷berkeh – Negin Akrami, Hooshang Jamshidi: “This city is full of talented people and has the potential of becoming the dubbing center of Iran,” said Keivan Askari, the instructor of the first dubbing course in Gerash, who attended the students’ graduation ceremony in Farhang Cinema on February 15th. The Unforgettable Voices of Gerash Association (literally, Sedaye Mandegare Gerash Association) had started the first course of dubbing in Gerash in October 2017, and now it gave certifications to the graduates in a special occasion.

In this ceremony, newly-graduated dubbing artists displayed their learnings in front of the audience and the three prominent dubbing artists of Iran, Manoochehr Valizadeh, Sadegh Abdollahi and Keivan Askari.

“It’s nearly 59 years that I’m working and I hope people accept my efforts,” said Mr. Valizadeh, whose voice is more familiar to audiences than his face. He expressed his gratitude for the hospitality of the people of Gerash.

Keivan Askari, who had the responsibility of holding these courses for more than 4 months and had come from Tehran to Gerash every week, said in a short speech: “It’s been 4 months that I come here, and after all this, I know myself as a Gerash. I hope this was not just a spark, and we can continue the courses. Gerash can become the dubbing center of Iran, just like Boroujerd which is the center of animation-making in Iran.”

Sadegh Abdollahi, writer and radio producer, was the other special guest of this ceremony. Mohammad khajavi and Mohammad Norouzi, the young singers from Evaz and Gerash, played on stage respectively.

Another interesting part of the ceremony was live dubbing by the graduates of the dubbing courses. Maryam and Sadaf Sorkhi dubbed a scene from Hotel Transylvania 2. Mostafa Shadram and Nosaybeh Naderpour had chosen a scene from Shrek to dub on the scene.

To take advantage of the presence of the masters of dubbing in Gerash, the Unforgettable Voices of Gerash Association had held a workshop taught by Mr. Valizadeh at Governor’s Office conference hall before the ceremony. And the day after the ceremony, Keivan Askari conducted the dubbing tests from a group of volunteers for the second dubbing course in Gerash in Studio Parsina.

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Some words and expressions in this news story:

Dubbing Center of Iran: مرکز دوبله ایران

talented people: افراد بااستعداد

potential: پتانسیل، ظرفیت

graduation ceremony: مراسم فارغ‌التحصیلی، جشن پایان دوره

dubbing artists: هنرمندان دوبله

Unforgettable Voices of Gerash Association: انجمن صدای ماندگار گراش

Workshop: کارگاه